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Project history

The development of OpenFisca began in May 2011 at the CAS (renamed France Stratégie / Commissariat général à la stratégie et à la prospective in April 2013) with the support of the IDEP.

The source code has been released under a free software license in November 2011.

OpenFisca was originally developed as a desktop application using the Qt library with a Python API.

In the early 2014, when Etalab started being implicated in the development of OpenFisca, it was decided to:

  • separate the computing engine from its desktop user interface
  • offer a web API in addition to the Python API
  • demonstrate the value of the web API by developing sample applications including a web interface to simulate personal cases
  • propose a public access to this web API open to all: administrations, researchers, citizens, etc.

Since then, the software is being developed extensively by Etalab. Meanwhile the economic model is being improved and the tax and benefit legislation updated by the CGSP with the help of the the IDEP and the IPP.

As of now (March 2014), the Qt version is no longer maintained and only the Python and the web APIs are being developed.

Community projects

The OpenFisca project publishes several softwares built around the simulator which can be found on There are many other projects driven by the community detailed below.


Presentation slides

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Other languages

  • Using OpenFisca through R