Source code for openfisca_core.errors.parameter_not_found_error

[docs]class ParameterNotFoundError(AttributeError): """ Exception raised when a parameter is not found in the parameters. """ def __init__(self, name, instant_str, variable_name = None): """ :param name: Name of the parameter :param instant_str: Instant where the parameter does not exist, in the format `YYYY-MM-DD`. :param variable_name: If the parameter was queried during the computation of a variable, name of that variable. """ = name self.instant_str = instant_str self.variable_name = variable_name message = "The parameter '{}'".format(name) if variable_name is not None: message += " requested by variable '{}'".format(variable_name) message += ( " was not found in the {} tax and benefit system." ).format(instant_str) super(ParameterNotFoundError, self).__init__(message)