With Docker

When you want to use OpenFisca, either to run it or edit its code, you need to setup a specific environement. If you don’t want the OpenFisca environment to interfere with your pre-existing setup, or if you don’t have one, you can use a container platform such as Docker that will set everything up for you.

On Windows operating system, you need to have Windows 10 or higher to use Docker.

Install Docker

Docker allows you to run a minimal image of Unix operating system. In this docker container, you will have an isolated environment with user rights to install OpenFisca.

  • Install free Docker Community Edition (also named Docker Desktop).

    • Follow default installation instructions (you will need to create a free Docker ID).

    • Run installed Docker application (to activate docker daemon).

Install OpenFisca in a Docker container

Let’s say that you want to install the openfisca-country-template model (or your specific country model). And you want to work in a directory named my-openfisca where any change you do is visible on both sides, locally and on Docker.

  1. Go to your working directory:

    • If you don’t have one, create a new directory named my-openfisca.

    • Open your system console (cmd.exe for Windows OS, a bash Terminal for Unix/Linux/Mac) and run:

      cd my-openfisca # Updated with the real path to your working directory
  2. Build a container with Python 3.7, Git and console commands.

    Git comes with Python image.

    • For Linux/Unix/Mac operating systems, run:

      docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/my-openfisca -w /my-openfisca python:3.7 bash
    • For Windows operating system, run:

      docker run --rm -it -v %cd%:/my-openfisca -w /my-openfisca python:3.7 bash
  3. Check for installed libraries with pip list command. You should get this list of packages:

     Package    Version
     ---------- -------
     pip        *.*.*   
     setuptools *.*.* 
     wheel      *.*.* 
  4. Install openfisca-country-template. Here are two main options: you can run it without modifying it or install it to edit its code.

    • To edit openfisca-country-template, get its source code with:

      git clone https://github.com/openfisca/country-template.git

      And, install it with:

      cd country-template
      make install
    • Or, to run openfisca-country-template without modifying it, install it as a library with:

      pip install openfisca_country_template

    In both cases, the installation should end without error, and the pip list response should contain OpenFisca-Country-Template.

You’re all set! You can now use openfisca-country-template.

Any changes to your my-openfisca/ local files will be reflected to my-openfisca/ files in Docker, and vice-versa.