How to use OpenFisca with Docker

When you want to use OpenFisca, either for running simulations or editing a country package, you need to setup a specific environement. If you don’t want the OpenFisca environment to interfere with your pre-existing setup, or if you don’t have one, you can use a container such as Docker that will set everything up for you.

Run OpenFisca on Docker

  1. Install Docker
  2. Create a docker file in the directory you wish to work on
FROM python:2-stretch 
RUN pip install openfisca_country_template
  1. Build the container
docker build --rm -t openfisca-country-template .
  1. Run the container
docker run -it openfisca-country-template bash

Interface local files with OpenFisca on Docker

If you need to run local files with your Docker image, you can interface (i.e. mount) a local directory with a directory in your docker interface. E.g. You need to update a country package such as openfisca-country-template

  1. Create a Dockerfile with openfisca-core in your project directory

The Dokerfile:

FROM python:2-stretch 
RUN pip install OpenFisca-core
WORKDIR /country-template
  1. Clone the country-template in the directory

The directory:

│   Dockerfile    
  1. Build the container
docker build --rm -t openfisca-core .
  1. Run the container
docker run -it -v /absolute/path/to/country-template/:/country-template openfisca-core bash
  1. Use country-template in the Docker container Use the country-template in the docker container, any changes to the country-template local files will affect the country-template files in the container.