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Calculate citizens' rights

From an individual situation, calculate any rule of a national tax and benefit system.

Mes Aides
Mes Aides uses OpenFisca and its Web API to inform French citizens on their eligibility to national and local benefits.

Les mes ajudes
Les meves ajudes uses OpenFisca and its Web API to inform Barcelona citizens on their eligibility to social benefits.

Assess labor cost

Model any kind of entity and evaluate its eligibility to fiscal obligations and benefits.

Embauche uses OpenFisca and a specific extension to allow employers and accountants to assess the hiring cost of a new employee, including fiscal deductions.

Evaluate reforms impact

Compare the law now to what it could be.

Comment appréhender le coût d’un revenu de base ?
Publication of the French Movement for a Basic Income that uses OpenFisca and its Python API to evaluate the cost and benefits of a reform introducing a basic income in France.
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