Source code for openfisca_core.parameters.helpers

import os
import traceback

import numpy

from openfisca_core import parameters, periods
from openfisca_core.errors import ParameterParsingError
from openfisca_core.parameters import config

def contains_nan(vector):
    if numpy.issubdtype(vector.dtype, numpy.record):
        return any([contains_nan(vector[name]) for name in vector.dtype.names])
        return numpy.isnan(vector).any()

[docs]def load_parameter_file(file_path, name = ''): """ Load parameters from a YAML file (or a directory containing YAML files). :returns: An instance of :class:`.ParameterNode` or :class:`.ParameterScale` or :class:`.Parameter`. """ if not os.path.exists(file_path): raise ValueError("{} does not exist".format(file_path)) if os.path.isdir(file_path): return parameters.ParameterNode(name, directory_path = file_path) data = _load_yaml_file(file_path) return _parse_child(name, data, file_path)
def _compose_name(path, child_name = None, item_name = None): if not path: return child_name if child_name is not None: return '{}.{}'.format(path, child_name) if item_name is not None: return '{}[{}]'.format(path, item_name) def _load_yaml_file(file_path): with open(file_path, 'r') as f: try: return config.yaml.load(f, Loader = config.Loader) except (config.yaml.scanner.ScannerError, config.yaml.parser.ParserError): stack_trace = traceback.format_exc() raise ParameterParsingError( "Invalid YAML. Check the traceback above for more details.", file_path, stack_trace ) except Exception: stack_trace = traceback.format_exc() raise ParameterParsingError( "Invalid parameter file content. Check the traceback above for more details.", file_path, stack_trace ) def _parse_child(child_name, child, child_path): if 'values' in child: return parameters.Parameter(child_name, child, child_path) elif 'brackets' in child: return parameters.ParameterScale(child_name, child, child_path) elif isinstance(child, dict) and all([periods.INSTANT_PATTERN.match(str(key)) for key in child.keys()]): return parameters.Parameter(child_name, child, child_path) else: return parameters.ParameterNode(child_name, data = child, file_path = child_path) def _set_backward_compatibility_metadata(parameter, data): if data.get('unit') is not None: parameter.metadata['unit'] = data['unit'] if data.get('reference') is not None: parameter.metadata['reference'] = data['reference'] def _validate_parameter(parameter, data, data_type = None, allowed_keys = None): type_map = { dict: 'object', list: 'array', } if data_type is not None and not isinstance(data, data_type): raise ParameterParsingError( "'{}' must be of type {}.".format(, type_map[data_type]), parameter.file_path ) if allowed_keys is not None: keys = data.keys() for key in keys: if key not in allowed_keys: raise ParameterParsingError( "Unexpected property '{}' in '{}'. Allowed properties are {}." .format(key,, list(allowed_keys)), parameter.file_path )