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The OpenFisca community gathers around a Slack space, which you can ask to join by sending a mail to

This space provides both community and official support, and centralises all countries’ channels.

Channels and naming conventions

In order to increase discoverability of channels and ease navigation, the following prefixes are used:

  • of- channels are about quick discussions and requests for help on a technical module. To make decisions on changes to apply to these modules, we use GitHub issues and Pull Requests on dedicated repositories.
  • share- channels are newsrooms on which everyone is encouraged to share their news, learnings and accomplishments  :)

For tax and benefit systems models, the following conventions are applied:

  • Channels that centralise discussions around a specific tax and benefit system are given the name of the distributed module, suffixed by -system. For example: france-system. If that full name is too long for the Slack channel character limit, then a shortened version of the name is used.
  • Channels that centralise discussions around extensions to tax and benefit systems are given that system’s module name, followed by -ext- and an identifier for that extension. For example: france-ext-paris.
  • System-specific group channels are campfires around which some specific organisations of contributors to a tax and benefit system gather. When a country becomes large enough, it often happens that several employers of contributors work concurrently on different parts of the system, and the main -system channel would become unreadable. These channels are called that system’s module name, followed by -org- and an identifier for that group. For example: france-org-gouv.


You can contact the OpenFisca maintainers through:

  • GitHub if you have any technical issue.
  • Twitter @OpenFisca for general inquiries and feedback.
  • email for collaboration opportunities.