Contributor guidelines

The OpenFisca project follows the GitHub Flow.

Each Python package uses Semantic Versioning.

Opening issues

Each OpenFisca repository has its own issues. See OpenFisca repositories.

  • Describe what you did.
  • Describe what you expected to happen.
  • Describe what happened.
  • Include (or link to) any data that can help reproduce the issue you encountered.

Contributing to the code

Writing code

  • If you modify/create/delete a simulation variable, please follow the commit message rules.
  • When adding new variables, please consider the naming guidelines.
  • Your code should be tested, if feasible:
    • bugfixes should include regression tests
    • new behavior should at least get minimal exercise
  • Use atomic commits, in particular try to isolate “code-cleanup” commits

Opening a Pull Request

  • All code contributions are submitted via a Pull Request towards master. The master branches are thus protected.
  • Opening a Pull Request means you want that code to be merged. If you want to only discuss it, send a link to your branch along with your questions through whichever communication channel you prefer.
  • If the Pull Request depends on another opened Pull Request on another repository (like OpenFisca-Core/OpenFisca-France), the requirements should be updated in the dependent project via its

It is considered a good practice to begin the name of the pull request with a verb in the present imperative tense:

# Good
Propose a new reform according to the French finance bill 2018

# Bad
new reform PLF 2018

Merging a Pull Request

Continuous integration

Before allowing you to merge a PR, the continuous integration server will ensure that:

  • The automated tests are passing (they are triggered automatically and result is visible from the Pull Request page).
  • The semantic version number has been updated. Check the semantic versionning guidelines to know more about how to increment the version number.
  • The has been updated. Make sure to briefly summarize your work, and to mention any non backward-compatible changes.

Web API version number

Due to a pip limitation, it is required to increment the major version number of OpenFisca-Web-API when it is adapted to a new major version of OpenFisca-Core. This rule avoids installing a version of OpenFisca-Core incompatible with the loaded country package (for example OpenFisca-France).

See also:

Peer reviews

Pull requests should generally be reviewed by someone else than their authors.

This is mandatory for:

  • Any Pull Request with breaking changes on openfisca-france, openfisca-web-api.
  • Any Pull Request bringing new features, if these features are not relative to a specific scope.
    • Adding a new route to the API requires a review.
    • A review is yet not mandatory to add a new formula to social contributions in openfisca-france. It is though recommended.

To help reviewers, make sure to add to your PR a clear text explanation of your changes.

In case of breaking changes, you must give details about what features were deprecated. You must also provide guidelines to help users adapt their code to be compatible with the new version of the package.