Source code for openfisca_core.parameters.parameter_at_instant

import copy
import typing

from openfisca_core import commons
from openfisca_core.errors import ParameterParsingError
from openfisca_core.parameters import config, helpers

[docs]class ParameterAtInstant: """ A value of a parameter at a given instant. """ # 'unit' and 'reference' are only listed here for backward compatibility _allowed_keys = set(['value', 'metadata', 'unit', 'reference']) def __init__(self, name, instant_str, data = None, file_path = None, metadata = None): """ :param str name: name of the parameter, e.g. "taxes.some_tax.some_param" :param str instant_str: Date of the value in the format `YYYY-MM-DD`. :param dict data: Data, usually loaded from a YAML file. """ str = name self.instant_str: str = instant_str self.file_path: str = file_path self.metadata: typing.Dict = {} # Accept { 2015-01-01: 4000 } if not isinstance(data, dict) and isinstance(data, config.ALLOWED_PARAM_TYPES): self.value = data return self.validate(data) self.value: float = data['value'] if metadata is not None: self.metadata.update(metadata) # Inherit metadata from Parameter helpers._set_backward_compatibility_metadata(self, data) self.metadata.update(data.get('metadata', {})) def validate(self, data): helpers._validate_parameter(self, data, data_type = dict, allowed_keys = self._allowed_keys) try: value = data['value'] except KeyError: raise ParameterParsingError( "Missing 'value' property for {}".format(, self.file_path ) if not isinstance(value, config.ALLOWED_PARAM_TYPES): raise ParameterParsingError( "Value in {} has type {}, which is not one of the allowed types ({}): {}".format(, type(value), config.ALLOWED_PARAM_TYPES, value), self.file_path ) def __eq__(self, other): return ( == and (self.instant_str == other.instant_str) and (self.value == other.value) def __repr__(self): return "ParameterAtInstant({})".format({self.instant_str: self.value}) def clone(self): clone = commons.empty_clone(self) clone.__dict__ = self.__dict__.copy() clone.metadata = copy.deepcopy(self.metadata) return clone