Source code for openfisca_core.entities.entity

import os
import textwrap

from openfisca_core.entities import Role

[docs]class Entity: """ Represents an entity (e.g. a person, a household, etc.) on which calculations can be run. """ def __init__(self, key, plural, label, doc): self.key = key self.label = label self.plural = plural self.doc = textwrap.dedent(doc) self.is_person = True self._tax_benefit_system = None def set_tax_benefit_system(self, tax_benefit_system): self._tax_benefit_system = tax_benefit_system def check_role_validity(self, role): if role is not None and not type(role) == Role: raise ValueError("{} is not a valid role".format(role)) def get_variable(self, variable_name, check_existence = False): return self._tax_benefit_system.get_variable(variable_name, check_existence) def check_variable_defined_for_entity(self, variable_name): variable_entity = self.get_variable(variable_name, check_existence = True).entity # Should be this: # if variable_entity is not self: if variable_entity.key != self.key: message = os.linesep.join([ "You tried to compute the variable '{0}' for the entity '{1}';".format(variable_name, self.plural), "however the variable '{0}' is defined for '{1}'.".format(variable_name, variable_entity.plural), "Learn more about entities in our documentation:", "<>."]) raise ValueError(message)