Use OpenFisca on the web

If you want to use OpenFisca for running a simulation or evaluating the impact of a reform, without installing anything in your computer, these online services allow you to run OpenFisca directly on your browser, no installation required:, python anywhere and jupyterlab.

Let’s see how to use OpenFisca on one of those services: 🤓


  1. Go to and select Python: homepage

  2. Write the OpenFisca code you wish to run. The default entry point is python file. Example of content using openfisca-country-template:

    from openfisca_country_template import CountryTaxBenefitSystem
    tax_benefit_system = CountryTaxBenefitSystem()
    parameters = tax_benefit_system.parameters
    print parameters

    You can also import files (e.g. JSON files describing input situations) by clicking on the import or drop button. upload & drop button

  3. Click the run button to execute your code run button.

    Your code dependencies are automatically analyzed and imported.

  4. You’re all set. Check your code results on the right sided python interpreter.

Example: evaluating a reform with OpenFisca France and

To see OpenFisca in action in your favourite browser, check out this example of reform to the French tax-benefit system in (in French)!