class openfisca_core.tracers.ComputationLog(full_tracer)[source]
print_log(aggregate=False, max_depth=None)[source]

Print the computation log of a simulation.

If aggregate is False (default), print the value of each computed vector.

If aggregate is True, only print the minimum, maximum, and average value of each computed vector.

This mode is more suited for simulations on a large population.

If max_depth is None (default), print the entire computation.

If max_depth is set, for example to 3, only print computed vectors up to a depth of max_depth.

Return type


class openfisca_core.tracers.FlatTrace(full_tracer)[source]
class openfisca_core.tracers.FullTracer[source]
class openfisca_core.tracers.PerformanceLog(full_tracer)[source]
class openfisca_core.tracers.SimpleTracer[source]
class openfisca_core.tracers.TraceNode(name, period, parent=None, children=<factory>, parameters=<factory>, value=None, start=0, end=0)[source]
class openfisca_core.tracers.TracingParameterNodeAtInstant(parameter_node_at_instant, tracer)[source]