class openfisca_core.errors.CycleError[source]

Simulation error.

class openfisca_core.errors.EmptyArgumentError(class_name, method_name, arg_name, arg_value)[source]

Exception raised when a method is called with an empty argument.

class openfisca_core.errors.NaNCreationError[source]

Simulation error.

class openfisca_core.errors.ParameterNotFoundError(name, instant_str, variable_name=None)[source]

Exception raised when a parameter is not found in the parameters.

class openfisca_core.errors.ParameterParsingError(message, file=None, traceback=None)[source]

Exception raised when a parameter cannot be parsed.

class openfisca_core.errors.PeriodMismatchError(variable_name, period, definition_period, message)[source]

Exception raised when one tries to set a variable value for a period that doesn’t match its definition period

class openfisca_core.errors.SituationParsingError(path, message, code=None)[source]

Exception raised when the situation provided as an input for a simulation cannot be parsed

class openfisca_core.errors.SpiralError[source]

Simulation error.

class openfisca_core.errors.VariableNameConflictError[source]

Exception raised when two variables with the same name are added to a tax and benefit system.

class openfisca_core.errors.VariableNotFoundError(variable_name, tax_benefit_system)[source]

Exception raised when a variable has been queried but is not defined in the TaxBenefitSystem.